Making a fairy house is very simple, even if it is your first time. The starting base is a wooden birdhouse, the rest of the elements are up to you. Be creative and use things that make you happy. Fairies are fond of all things nature such as flowers and birds.

There are some houses which may use moss for the roof, others may prefer tree leaves or flower petals. They have even seen tiny pine cone shingled roofs, sticks and twigs have been used to cover the little homes as well. Do as you please, be creative and most importantly have fun.


Wooden Birdhouse
Dried Pods
Colourful Silk Flowers
Small Terra Cotta tray
Small Artificial Birds
Tiny Terra Cotta Pot
Wire Snips
Hot Glue Gun

I began by hot gluing the pods directly onto the birdhouse. I used the back end of the birdhouse as the front of my fairy house. This meant I did not have to conceal the small bird hole located in front. The pods were glued onto the both sides as well as the front of the house.

I made a door by snipping off the ends of the twigs, those were glued over the pods. The centre of one of the colourful flowers is what I used to make the door. The next step was gluing moss onto the roof eaves, this was done all around the house. Once all the eaves were covered in moss, I glued moss on the back and the roof of the house. There are sheets of moss that can be purchased which are ideal for covering the roof, I personally prefer the chunky moss look of the roof.

I also placed moss along the bottom of the house making sure that all of the wood was covered. For the rungs I used more of the twigs, I just cut them into two equal pieces, some shorter and hot glued them together. To add some final decorative touches, I glued some of the colourful flowers as well as the tiny birds to the house.

Summary Of The Steps

The pods should be hot glued to the sides and front of the house.
Snip the ends of a few twigs, hot glue them right next to each other and over the pods, this is how you make the door.

Use the centre of one of your colourful flowers as a doorknob, this also is hot glued on.
Moss is then glued all around the house and onto the roof eaves.
Moss is also glued onto the back and roof of the house.

The bottom ledge of the house is also finished off with moss, any exposed wood should be covered.
A ladder can be made by cutting twigs into equal pieces, the rungs must be shorter and then everything must be hot glued together.

Decorate the house by gluing on the colourful flowers and little birds.
If you want to add a bird bath, a terra cotta tray can be glued to a very small terra cotta pot. One bird can be glued on the rim, the other right inside the bath.

You can place your house outside, the location is up to you. You can push twigs into the ground, creating the illusion of trees. The ladder is leaned against the house, put the bath aesthetically near the house and use pebbles to create a little path. Any empty spaces can be filled with moss. Visit palmate garden decor and fairy gardens for tips and supplies on your new fairy garden creations, or Palmate on Amazon.