How To Choose Between A Bagless And A Bagged Vacuum Cleaner?

How do bagless vacuum cleaners work? Bagless vacuum cleaners use filters which collect the dirt into a dirt cup. When the dirt cup is filled, you need to empty its contents.

Advantages: You see the dirt in clear view so you don't generally forget to empty the vacuum when it is full. You don't have to worry about always buying new vacuum cleaner bags. Also, if you vacuumed something valuable up by mistake, you can easily go through the dirt cup inside the vacuum cleaner, unlike bagged vacuum cleaners where you can't get to things inside the bag.

Disadvantages: Even though you don't need to change the bags, you do need to clean the vacuum cleaner dirt cup - and often times clean the filters. Cleaning the vacuum cleaner after emptying the dirt can be a chore and sometimes filters need to be replaced. Emptying the vacuum cup can be messy and dusty.

The Buying Tips

It is important take into account the brand and model of the vacuum cleaner. Since each model is made differently, the exact features of bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner varies slightly with each model.

1. Look at the style and feel the weight of the vacuum, is it easy to carry around? Is the style able to get where I need to go? 2. The quality for what you are paying. Does it have the features that appeal to you and will help you clean the best. Does it have the tools that can connect to it that will be helpful to you? 3. Size matters. There are so many different options ranging from small handheld vacuums to 30 gallon shop vacuums. Most choose something in between, make sure it is easy for you to maneuver around. 4. Take it for a test vacuum. Most stores will allow you to do so, some may think your a bit crazy, but pay no attention to them. After all it is your money you will be spending! 5. Do your research on vacuums beforehand. Compare the vacuums online and choose a few that interest you the most and go to the stores with those few in mind. Take your time and choose the best vacuum for you.

In the end it all depends on what you want. If you suffer from allergies then I do recommend the bagged vacuum! The suction of both types is good and stay good with maintenance that you should do to maintain your vacuum. With so many different vacuum choices on the market it can be confusing, but keep the simple things in mind like.

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