You never think it can happen to you, but when it does, that’s when you realize how much it
could’ve been prevented. There were many reasons why I didn’t think it was necessary to
install CCTV cameras in and around my store. After the recent break in that happened, I
recognize how I had approached everything about security in a wrong way. First off, I never thought that a small clothing boutique store such as mine would be targeted
by anyone for theft. My employees and I always managed to keep a close eye on both
customers and merchandise during the day, and for the 5 years we have been open in the
same location, I can proudly say that we’ve only had a couple of minor theft incidents that
were prevented. I didn’t take into account that a lot in the neighbourhood has changed in the
last 5 years, including safety in the area and the way my store was viewed by outsiders.

Secondly, we made the mistake of not putting things away properly after hours. Some of our
pricier inventory should’ve been kept under lock and key in our storage cabinets, as they
were probably what attracted the perpetrators to begin with. But then again, going back to my
first point, I never thought my store would be the subject of a robbery. Not in a million years. Also, I thought that the extra security will just be an additional expense that I couldn’t afford to
have each month. Some of the merchandise I sold, such as the shoes and handbags, were
expensive for the average person. In short, they were worth protecting, but I didn’t realize this
soon enough. The money I lost from the theft was more than what I would’ve spent in an
entire year of CCTV coverage. And I didn’t even lose majority of my clothing products.

Most of the money lost came from the safe. This money was scheduled to be deposited the
morning following the break in. The police were called. The investigations were done. But
without CCTV, it became very difficult to find the perpetrators. As a matter of fact, they were
never found at all. Insurance only covered some of the loss, in part due to the fact that we had an alarm system.
Not having CCTV, however, meant that all the goods stolen from our store are gone forever.
Nothing can come out of it but loss and more loss, as I continue to pay for the physical
damages to the store and eat up whatever money was stolen. The regret of not having CCTV
has been overwhelming, and that’s precisely the first thing I had put up in the store since the
incident. I may have made that mistake before but not anymore.